Do you realize the piano keyboard is not accustomed to its fullest probable? And that 1000’s of beginning piano pupils start off by playing a top digital pianos three-note triad that is as out-of-date since the dinosaur?

It really is true. The piano keyboard is large! More than eighty keys major. Why don’t you think of a chord composition that utilizes more keys? Why not without a doubt!

There is a chord construction referred to as the Open up Place chord that makes use of greater than two octaves of your keyboard. Both fingers are referred to as into perform listed here to generate a modern sounding seventh chord that may be utilized commonly in pop, jazz, and new age songs.

It is not a straightforward chord framework to understand correct absent, BUT the moment figured out, it lets you to definitely seem just like a qualified pianist suitable away! Why? As a result of way the chord is structured. It’s straightforward to seem present day if the seem coming through the chord is. It is really genuinely a no-brainer and it can be a shame that the majority piano teachers possibly hardly ever utilize it or have not heard about it.

I very first came upon it in the reserve titled “The Four-Way Keyboard System” by Alan Swain, a mentioned jazz pianist. When I performed this chord, I understood I had discovered some thing special. With it, I could make present day seems straight away. And i could utilize it to improvise my very own music – anything I’ve normally planned to do.

At the time I realized the best way to engage in this specific chord structure, I figured out ways to shift it up and down the piano keyboard so understanding the best way to use all 88 keys. It was thrilling to be able to do this. Why not utilize the piano keyboard to its fullest possible. Study the best way to enjoy the Open Position piano chord!

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